• Flowery love-sickness
    Warm wind hears more warbling,
    rising sun sees more flower shadows.
    Mild classical blue lines illustrate elegance.
    Gracious gilt edge tells the story of flowery love-sickness.
    42 sets tableware
  • Blue Venice
    Contracted reticulate lines like the winding of the roadway and flow of the Shiba, as rippling the crescent moon, beautiful Venice, a romantic dream floating on the ocean, poetic lingering.
    Flash gold, express modern luxurious charm and elegant classic, which is a modern style decoration of home.
    40 sets tableware
  • Secluded orchid in a deserted valley

    Red orchid leisurely blooming, greenery foils, elegant and cute, the thin light colored lines,

    vaguely outline the contours of the orchids in the distance,albeit not very clearly. 

    Orchid is clear but elegant, Li Bai, the great poet described the beauty of it.

    48 sets tableware
  • Golden flower buds all over the branch
    Elegant lotus in summer, chrysanthemum in fall,
    Noble peony, quietly blooming,
    Express luck full of the world.
    32 sets tableware
  • Golden sparrow on its perch
    Leaves flutter in spring breeze, 
    a golden sparrow flies to the perch. 
    Slender golden lines illustrate elegance, 
    slim brush strokes compose sparrow warbling. 
    Lots of white space give you unlimited reverie.
  • Velvet time
    Shine as cream, is like sunlight in deep water.
    Deep purple is the moonlight beyond the quite sea.Tactful detail owns more delicacy.
  • Warmth
    Haunts your memories,
    Weave the dream slowly,
    Deep memories with the longing,
    Warmth appears…
  • The Tree of Life
    Light and shadow in the world,
    A piece of green, grows with colors,
    A piece of leaf, expresses attitude of the life.
    As flowers, as butterflies, built and colorful,
    Sticks together, never stop.
  • Autumn Story
    Mysterious brown is like graceful autumn;
    Hemp ropes tangle with each, forms thousands ties;Tassels are showing the refined feeling.
    Dragon and phoenix fly together, live thousands years.Chinese knot shows national characteristic and eastern delicately and western style. Is tea set or artwork?
  • Siyuan Tea Set
    Classical blue line with meticulous white, rendering special lingering charm.
    White surface without any flaw, remarks the brave connotation.
    At dusk, have a pot of tea, watch the shifty cloud,
    Write down the free and easy life.


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