The memories about home stay in the heart; the taste of home stays in the bowl.
Chinese people love home through delicate chinaware unintentionally,
which never change in thousand years.
Songfa considers different families ‘actual situation, launches bone porcelain, High white porcelain, strengthen porcelain, medium temperature porcelain. 
All they are made of non-toxic harmless high environmental materials with superb technology to produce.
Not only safety and artistic, but also rather collection value.

  • Medium temperature ceramics

    Medium temperature ceramics is the chinaware firing with temperature at 1000 - 1200 ℃.Because of sintering temperature is lower than the high temperature ceramics, so glaze of medium temperature ceramicsaffected less by high temperature, and has gorgeous colors. Thus it’s quite popular in youth, and has been used as a daily tableware in Western countries.

  • Reinforced ceramics

    Reinforced ceramics is the high quality ceramics with aluminum and magnesium and other ingredients or by powder and high magnesia feldspar powder as main raw material, then fired with 1340℃ temperature blazing fire, which help them recombined and magnetized.Well molding, durable, Acid and alkali, easy to wash;Good thermal insulation, suitable for tea sets, coffee;
    Compared with ordinary porcelain, it is thinner and more wear-resistant.
  • High-white ceramics

    High-white ceramics also known as high grade white ceramics with high quality kaolin and other raw materials, prepared by the fine processing, fired with high temperature at 1350 ℃. Pure and fine porcelain glaze without any flaw, is recognized as the most advanced environmental protection ceramics in the world.High temperature firing, more hard texture, higher stability, the highest whiteness up to 88.1;Known as “thin as paper, jadeas white, no stain”;Without lead, a wide range of applicability, can be used as advanced daily porcelain and high-grade art porcelain.

  • Bone ceramics

    Bone ceramics, with herbivores and bone in clay, goes through high-temperature biscuiting and low-temperature glaze fired, known as "thin as paper, jade as white, bright as a mirror, sounds as chime ", owns unique natural milk white.In three hundred years, has been the best ceramic, which was serviced for British aristocracy;It owns value in use and art, is the only one which recognized of high-grade porcelain in the world;Complex process, exquisite material, narrow range of finished product, the production is difficult, only a few countries in the world have the ability to produce. Only a few countries have the ability to produce, because of the difficult production.
    Normal boneceramicswith bone powder not less than 25%, high grade bone ceramics withbone powder not less than 40%, and Songfa bone porcelain with more than 40% bone powder.


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